After a century of rapid industrialisation and unprecedented urban development, bees have to fly much further in search of the plants they need. Long distances exhaust them. This is putting them on the verge of extinction.


That’s why we created Bee Saving Paper - an innovative, biodegradable material that can be used for many purposes and works like an energy drink for bees to help them fly further.

Why does it work?


The proof is in the product

This is all a result of rapid industrialisation. Leaving a strip of our paper next to
a struggling bee has a second benefit – once the bee has eaten the glucose,
a honey plant will grow from the leftover strip. This way, an extra “rest stop” for other bees will be created. For them, the plant will be like an island on their way home across an ocean.

Our first client.

Bee Saving Paper has already passed a successful field test. We used it to create the visual identity, or as we prefer to call it, beesiness identity, for Łukasz Kaczorowski – a beekeeper who lost over 95% of his hives. For him, literally every bee matters.


What's next?

Bee Saving Paper can be used for countless purposes. Because when it comes to bees, the sky is the limit.

a coffee cup sleeve

a bag

a car park ticket

a picnic plate

City Bees is an initiative promoting the life of bees in cities. It aims to ignite the passion for bees in people by helping them to set up city hives on rooftops.
It also teaches people how to live a more environmentally-friendly, balanced life. Founded in 2014, City Bees not only helps people understand bees better, but above all, it inspires urban communities to care about them, wherever they come across even a single bee.

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The life of man would be made extremely difficult if the bee disappeared.

Charles Darwin

Glucose - Energy drink

The paper contains a unique form of energy-rich glucose that is appetizing for bees for but does not make the paper sticky. This is thanks to a special kind of sugar, which can be dissolved into water from a food known as “fondant for bees”. This food is used by beekeepers during the winter. There is no need to dissolve large quantities because 0.5 kg of this paste is enough to feed several thousand bees.

Honey plant seeds – an extra “rest stop”

Our paper contains seeds from the honey plant Lacy Phacelia.
It’s well-known to be one of bees’ favourite plants. One of the reasons that bees end up stranded on the ground is that they have to fly further than they used to.

UV design – beautiful meadow

Bee Saving Paper is covered with water-based UV paint, with a pattern full of circles visible only to bees. Why did we choose red circles? What we see as a beautiful meadow, bees see as a field of red circles.


These ultraviolet patterns often outline “landing zones” for bees, pointing them towards the parts of plants that contain nectar and pollen. Could there be any better way to attract bees to our paper?